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And these are very important states that we have given a name to; We are calling plus, the state zero plus one over square root the root of two, and minus the state zero minus one over the square root of two. So these are the gates that we had already studied and with this, we were able to construct a very simple circuit, which allowed us to generate random bits.

And this is what we did last week. Of course, we have more quantum gates. We have x we have said it is natural to think that we also have a y gate. And in fact, we have a y gate, which is not so commonly used, because you can obtain something that is equivalent to this y gate just with x and said.

But the x y set get gates together with the identity are very important, because they constitute what we call the polygates and for the physicist an alternative notion that is very popular in physics. Is this notation here sigma x six, sigma y sigma set and we will be using these polygates a lot and for instance, when we talk about quantum error correction.

We will see that these gates form a basis of the different errors that we can have in a given qubit and then. We will study the decomposition of a general error gate into these uh different gates. We also have this s gate and t gates, which are similar to the set gate you see that they are diagonal gates and they leave the zero states and change.
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